Monday, February 25, 2008

Fair the rudder using template

I ground down the high points on the rudder. There where 4 areas that had to be ground differently (A,B,C,D) due to the fact that when I glassed the old skin back it was in four panels from the water line down and each panel was off more than the other.

The A section was fine, I just ground off the gelcoat and pretty much had it. The red arrows outline the bevel over the cut that will be glassed over for added strength.

The B section from the leading to trailing edge was to thick so I ground the old skin completely off and thinned the balsa out. I'll lay up new glass and build it up all over again.
The C section had an overly thick area right in the middle so I ground down the skin and ground down some of the balsa. This will be built back up with new glass. The black highlighted areas indicate areas that are fine.
Section D never had it's panel glassed in and it won't be. I'll be laying up new glass in this area.

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